Your donation of equipment or money will go towards CorkNest project and nothing else. The main costs are as follows:

Then next big challenge is to get in closer to the newly hatched chicks.

For donations over €2.50 you will recieve a free DVD of all the video and pics on this site (it just saves you downloading them from here). It will be posted world-wide. The 2010 videos are in Windows player format (WMV) and better quality AVI (for free VLC player) formats for use on your computer. It includes clips from all 3 cameras - outside, overhead and close up side cameras. The sound is in stereo - the microphones are at nest level on opposide sides of the box - so stick on you headphones and turn up the volume!

Please note that CorkNest project is NOT a charity - you are simply helping in developing this project further so we can all see better images of young chicks. If you want I will list your name in a list of doners. If you are a company - you can be listed as as a sponser with a link and you can donate equipment instead of money. The project is located in Cork, Ireland. Questions & comments: Contact